Dr. Maaly Nassar

E-Learning, LEON - Learning Environments Online (BMBF-Projekt)


E-Research, Semantic Search, Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery, Data Visualization, 3D Virtual Environments, Serious Games, E-Learning

Adresse UB, Garystr. 39
Raum 254
14195 Berlin
Telefon +49 (0)30/838-59429
Fax +49 (0)30/838- 459429
E-Mail maaly.nassar@cedis.fu-berlin.de

Freie Universität Berlin (2008-2011)

Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (magna cum laude) - Thesis title: ” Equine virtual farm: A novel interdisciplinary simulation for learning veterinary physiology within clinical context”- Institut für Veterinär-Physiologie

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (2014-)

Master in Cognitive Neuroscience – Institut für Psychologie - School of Mind and Brain

Cairo University (2001-2005)

Master of Veterinary Medicine - Thesis title: ” Physiological studies on some metabolic profiles and performance in quails” - Physiology department- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Cairo university (1995-2000)

Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine (very good) - Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

  • MAALY NASSAR and NICOLAS APOSTOLOPOULOS (2017). Events discovery assistant: a semi-supervised spati-temporal and semantic model for discovering first world war events. In: IEEE International conference on Semantic Computing (ICSC), 30.01-02.02 2017, San Diego, California, USA.
  • MAALY NASSAR, INGRID HALLE, ANDREAS PLAGEMANN, AND BARBARA TZSCHENTKE (2015). Detection of long-term influence of prenatal temperature stimulation on hypothalamic type-II iodothyronine deiodinase in juvenile female broiler chickens using a novel immunohistochemical amplification protocol. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology, 179: 120–124
  • MAALY NASSAR (2014). Online learning for animal health: venues for digitalizing the curricula in veterinary medicine. German Science Day for Graduates and Researchers, Deutsches Wissenschaftszentrum (DWZ) Kairo, 15 November 2014.
  • MAALY NASSAR (2014). Equine Virtual Farm: Toward Meaningful Cognitive Strategies in Veterinary Education. AERA 2014 Annual Meeting, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, April 3-7, 2014, Learning Environments Poster Session.
  • BARBARA TZSCHENTKE, INGRID HALLE, MAALY NASSAR (2014).Temperature training in late-term quail embryos has transgenerational effects. In: Svihus, B. (Ed.), Proceedings, XIV European Poultry Conference, Stavanger, Norway, p. 510.
  • MAALY NASSAR (2011). Equine virtual farm: A novel interdisciplinary simulation for learning veterinary physiology within clinical context.Mensch und buch verlag, Berlin, 2011, ISBN: 9783863870690, http://www.diss.fu-berlin.de/diss/receive/FUDISS_thesis_000000035028
  • MAALY NASSAR and HEIKE TÖNHARDT (2010). Virtueller Bauernhof: Eine neue Lernumgebung für das Studium der Veterinärphysiologie. In: Tagung GML² 2010, 11.03.2010 -12.03.2010, Berlin, Germany
  • BOGATYREV, M., KLEIN, J., NASSAR, M., OLT, J. and TZSCHENTKE, B. (2010). Long-term influence of glucose application during the critical period in chicken embryos on body weight regulation: project presentation.IFRG-Meeting, Tours, 2010 (Avian Biology Research 3 : 126)