Logo des Center für Digitale Systeme (CeDiS)

Providing Integrated Services for Innovative Teaching and Research

CeDiS is the competence center for E-Learning, E-Research and Multimedia at Freie Universität Berlin. We assist the university’s departments and institutions with consultancy services, central systems as well as customized solutions on all aspects related to technology-enhanced teaching and research. In various projects, CeDiS extends its comprehensive consultancy and service offer concerning teaching, learning and research supported by digital media and technology also to external institutions and partners.



CeDiS has been entrusted with providing central services as well as consultancy and qualification programmes surrounding the topic of e-learning, and is strongly committed to spreading the use of digital teaching and learning methods at Freie Universität Berlin. Its main objective is to establish blended learning - the use of digital media as a complement to the traditional face-to-face teaching.


Content Management

For the setting up and maintenance of websites of departments, institutes, units and professorships at Freie Universität Berlin CeDiS supplies a central Content Management System. Since having coordinated the blanket adoption of the system, CeDiS directs its further development and oversees its university-wide use.


Web 2.0

Social software systems and web 2.0 applications complement modern teaching and learning scenarios through collaborative and activating forms of learning. Since 2009, CeDiS has been providing members of Freie Universität Berlin with a central blog and wiki system. An accompanying training programme acquaints the teaching staff with the potentials these systems have to offer for their teaching.


E-Publishing and Open Access

E-publishing and Open Access form a joint focus area of CeDiS. Beyond delivering information and assistance regarding the publication of professional journals, CeDiS is involved in working parties and committees on the promotion of Open Access. Moreover, CeDiS is (co-)host to various Open Access events and participates in a number of Open Access projects.


Audiovisual Media

Alongside supplying consultancy services and an introduction to the basics of producing audiovisual media the Audiovisual Media Unit offers a comprehensive spectrum of services: ranging from recording lecture courses and documenting conferences to creating corporate films and digitalizing and transcoding audiovisual materials and making them available on the internet.

Corporate Design Beratung


The Design unit offers extensive expertise on the design and production of high-quality digital media. In addition, the Design team is responsible for the development and maintenance of the corporate design of Freie Universität Berlin and supports and advises university members and departments on its implementation.



The use of digital media and technologies for research purposes is the focus of this newly established unit in which various projects are combined. Besides specific developments on the level of individual projects this unit addresses overarching methodological questions that arise from the use of digital media and systems.