The Center for Digital Systems – Your Point of Contact for E-Learning, E-Research, and Multimedia

The Center for Digital Systems (CeDiS) is the center of competence for e-learning, e-research, and multimedia at Freie Universität Berlin. CeDiS provides advice and support to all institutions and members of the university for using digital media and technologies in teaching and research activities.

Prof. Dr. Nicolas Apostolopoulos
Tel. (030) 838-520 50

Executive Assistant: Jan Eggert
Tel. (030) 838-61353

Dr. Albert Geukes
Tel. (030) 838-521 12

Ihnestraße 24, 14195 Berlin
Tel. (030) 838-527 75

CeDiS Organization Chart

CeDiS Areas and Focus Topics



E-Learning elements are an integral component of teaching activities at Freie Universität Berlin. CeDiS offers central services as well as a range of advising and training options on the topic of e-learning and is actively involved in supporting the university-wide spread of digital teaching and learning methods.



This area of the center’s work focuses on the use of digital media and technologies in the research segment. CeDiS develops collaborative online portals, digital research and presentation environments, and publication solutions for the humanities and social sciences (“e-humanities”).


IT-Systems and Support

CeDiS provides various systems and applications as well as advice and support for users.


Continuing Education

CeDiS offers training sessions and continuing education programs on teaching, learning, and performing research with digital media and technologies. The goal of these courses is to enable participants to utilize online elements in their own teaching activities.


E-Publishing and Open Access

Geared toward the principle of open access – free access to scientific and academic information – our offerings encompass advice and assistance with publication projects as well as technological implementation of electronic publication solutions.


Audiovisual Media

What the audiovisual media division offers includes not only advice, but also a broad range of services such as recording of courses, lectures, presentations, and conferences, production of animated and teaching videos, and creation of promotional or presentation videos and trailers.

Corporate Design Beratung


Visual design of digital and analog products is at the heart of this division’s work. This includes websites, teaching, and learning environments, animations, research platforms, corporate design concepts, and various printed materials and presentations.