E-Learning at Freie Universität

As a “brick and mortar” university, Freie Universität Berlin emphasizes “blended learning”, i. e. an approach that combines face-to-face classroom methods with computer-mediated activities in a manner that is efficient and effective in both educational and organizational terms. CeDiS supports all university departments with central services and individual advisory services on all aspects of e-learning. The center’s scope of services include the provision of digital infrastructure and tools, the didactic design of blended learning scenarios, and the implementation and evaluation of blended learning scenarios. An extensive training program on teaching and learning with digital media completes the services.

What is “Blended Learning”? (Video in German)


Training and Continuing Education

We offer a broad range of trainings on digital media and technologies for academic staff and trainers in professional and continuing education alike. Trainings differ with respect to content and didactic design in order to comply with varying interests and learning types.

E-Learning Werkzeuge

E-Learning Tools

E-Learning tools offer a number of options for enriching and enhancing classroom teaching by means of digital media and technologies. They are the key tools for implementing blended learning scenarios.

Digitale Ressourcen

E-Learning Resources and Scenarios

Which online offers are available at my department? What are possible applications for e-learning tools? What kind of material is available, and where? A wiki and a website provide answers.