CeDiS develops and supports web-based publication solutions, collaborative online platforms, multimedia repositories, and digital research environments.

Das Visual History Archive der Shoah Foundation in der schulischen Bildung

Multimedia Archives

As the Nazi era recedes farther and farther into the past, fewer and fewer survivors are able to share their personal memories directly. Their life stories have been documented and developed as part of various large-scale oral history projects and made available for education and research purposes. Freie Universität Berlin offers access to three important oral history archives.

Lernmaterialien DVD

Learning Material

CeDiS has developed learning software based on videotaped biographical interviews with survivors of the Holocaust and Nazi forced labor. Currently, online environments are being developed for learning with interviews in classrooms and memorial museums, in cooperation with German, Russian and Czech partners.

e-Humanities Wordle

E-Humanities Online Environments

CeDiS develops web-based applications for use in research projects in the humanities and social sciences that tackle the challenges and seize the opportunities of the digital world. At present, CeDiS has teamed up with the Friedrich Meinecke Institute to work on the “1914–1918-online” project, aimed at implementing an international online encyclopedia on World War I, and is also involved in various research infrastructures of the Languages of Emotion cluster.