Web 2.0 for Studying, Research and Administration

Web 2.0 and Social Media offer new opportunities for studying, teaching, research, and administration. The web-based, free and easy-to-use tools can facilitate global networking, collaborative knowledge sharing, fast content creation, and an active role of the participants.Central web 2.0 systems such as Blog and Wiki offer a variety of functions for communication, cooperation, and interconnectedness. Scientists and lecturers can also use external social media services. Freie Universität Berlin supports university members through counseling, training and funding of innovative e-learning projects.

Wikis an der Freien Universität


Wikis offer various ways to plan and implement joint projects in teaching and studying activities, in academia, the research sector, and administration. The central wiki systems are available to all members of the university and their guests with a Freie Universität account.

Blogs an der Freien Universität


Blogs offer innovative communication and publication opportunities. The blog service is available to anyone affiliated with the university. All you need in order to register is your Freie Universität account. CeDiS offers two blog systems for your use.


Project Organization

Members of Freie Universität can rely on two tools for efficient project organization: CoCo and the project management platform JIRA. Both tools comply with data protection law and sustainability requirements representative for FU-infrastructures.

Distributed Campus

Distributed Campus

The online coaching platform for international guest students has been in use at Freie Universität since 2004. A large number of divisions and departments use the platform for targeted distribution of information to make it easier for students to get their bearings and integrate into the German higher education system and the city of Berlin.

Social Media

Social Media

"The idea is that no one tool does the entire job, but the collection works really well" (Stephen Downes). In addition to the central Web 2.0-systems, there are external social media tools available for the use in teaching and research.