Data Management Plan step by step

Dozent/inEsther Asef, Andreas Hübner
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Beginn13.02.2024 | 14:00
Ende13.02.2024 | 16:00

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Researchers and doctoral candidates in any stage of their PhD or project. The workshop will support researchers and PhDs in structuring their data management activities with a data management plan and will assist if you have to write a data management plan when applying for funding.


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Improve your own research data management

A Data Management Plan (DMP) systematically describes how research data created or used in projects is handled. It documents, among other things, the scope, type, storage, indexing, creation and processing of the data.

A DMP is a useful tool for reflecting on and improving one's own research data management. Ideally, the DMP is created when planning a research project, but it can also be started at any time later.

Sometimes a DMP is requested by research funders, this workshop prepares you for the requirements.

The workshop has two parts:

  • 14:00 - 14:45: a brief introduction to the topic, illustrating essential aspects with examples.
  • 14:45– 16:00: The participants start to fill out a DMP for their own project step by step. The trainers support them with input on each section and answer questions. A DMP template will be provided.

We will offer follow-up support within the weeks after the workshop to help you complete your DMP

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