Good Practices in Hybrid International Teaching (in English)

Dozent/inAgustina Malvido, Lena Stölzl

The workshop is offered in cooperation with the Dahlem Center for Academic Teaching (DCAT). Registration:

RaumWeiterbildungszentrum / Webex
Beginn22.04.2024 | 09:00
Ende22.04.2024 | 13:00

Hybrid teaching is a blended synchronous form of teaching: one part of the students come together in a lecture hall or seminar room on site while the other part of the students is joining online via video conference. Therefore, hybrid teaching facilitates teachers and students in fostering diverse forms of international collaboration, supporting the initiation, establishment, and sustainability of such partnerships. Additionally, it offers increased flexibility and accessibility for students in their daily lives.
Throughout the workshop we will present, discuss and analyse different scenarios of international collaboration enabled by hybrid forms of teaching:

  • What makes a good practice in hybrid teaching?
  • How can we implement hybrid teaching in international collaboration settings?
  • Which scenario should be applied? Which degree of hybrid participation is indicated?
  • How can we benefit from hybrid forms of teaching?

This workshop is based on the experience and learnings from the Hybrid Teaching Project within the Berlin Network of Hybrid Teaching. This is a hybrid workshop, in which participants on site and online are joining each other live within a hybrid learning environment. Making this experience will help the participants gain a deeper understanding of an effectiv hybrid learning design.

Learning objectives

The participants are able to

  • recognise and articulate the challenges associated with hybrid teaching,
  • conduct a thorough analysis of the technical and organizational aspects involved in hybrid teaching scenarios,
  • choose and adapt appropriate teaching methods that cater to the diverse needs of student groups in a hybrid setting,
  • employ hybrid teaching in international collaboration settings.


In order to establish a common ground concerning the topic of hybrid teaching, we will kindly ask the participants to do a pre-workshop-activity.


This workshop is based on the methods of differentiated instruction and project-based learning. We offer a varied range of social learning forms, practical exercises, group activities, reflexion and feedback. Hence, we provide a learning environment for our participants, in which they are able to gain a deeper understanding of the matter and to actively apply their learnings. It is also possible for non-FUB members to participate in this workshop.

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