Being interactive and building communities: good practices in hybrid teaching (in English)

Dozent/inAgustina Malvido, Lena Stölzl
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RaumOtto-von-Simson-Str. 13 (Weiterbildungszentrum der FU) and online via Webex Video Conference 216
Beginn22.10.2024 | 09:00
Ende22.10.2024 | 13:00


Teaching staff of Freie Universität Berlin and persons who are interested in the topic


In order to establish a common ground concerning the topic of hybrid teaching, we will ask the participants to do a pre-workshop activity.

Creative strategies to improve hybrid learning environments

Hybrid teaching is a blended synchronous form of teaching: one part of the students come together in a lecture hall or seminar room on site while the other part of the students is joining online via video conference. In order to address both students in physical and virtual space, the didactic methods should be specifically selected for the hybrid mode and adapted to it if necessary. The design of functioning communication channels and opportunities for interaction play a particularly important role here and require careful preparation and attentive moderation.

You are not familiar with hybrid scenarios and would like to get to know them? Do you already have experience of teaching in hybrid scenarios, but feel that there is still room for improvement? In this workshop, we will go into a hybrid scenario together and interactively develop strategies to make it conducive to learning. In particular, we will focus on the organisation and implementation of activating and communication-promoting elements such as discussions and group work in hybrid settings.

This workshop is based on the experience and learnings from the Hybrid Teaching Project within the Berlin Network of Hybrid Teaching

This is a hybrid workshop, in which participants on site and online are joining each other live within a hybrid learning environment. Making this experience will help the participants gain a deeper understanding of an effective hybrid learning design.


  • Technical set-up of hybrid scenarios
  • Communication and behavioural rules for smooth processes
  • Adaptation of methods in hybrid scenarios
  • Activation strategies to reach online and on site students
  • Design of cross-room discussions
  • Good practices: challenges and benefits of different degrees of participation


The participants are able to

  • recognise and articulate the challenges associated with hybrid teaching,
  • conduct a thorough analysis of the technical and organizational aspects involved in hybrid teaching scenarios,
  • choose and adapt appropriate teaching methods that cater to the diverse needs of student groups in a hybrid setting.

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