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Call for Projects: Digital, international teaching cooperation and course offerings

As part of the European university alliance "Una Europa", which aims to intensify cooperation in the field of teaching and learning, Freie Universität is participating in the joint project "Online Pedagogical Resources for European Universities" (OpenU). It aims to promote the internationalisation of teaching through virtual and blended mobility formats with Una Europa partner universities, e.g. through joint digital online sessions, online seminars or digital joint degrees. The partners' joint digital teaching and learning offerings should help to provide international experiences for all students and facilitate the transition into physical mobility scenarios.

Do you want to raise awareness of your research field and reach European students through high-quality digital teaching-learning resources and course offerings? Are you interested in bringing your students into a virtual exchange with other European students and experts in your field? Do you want to establish online or blended teaching cooperations with European colleagues as a starting point for further strategic cooperation? Then we would like to invite you to send us your project idea for digital teaching cooperations or a joint digital course offering with one or more of the following partner universities of Freie Universität Berlin:

  • Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid
  • Università di Bologna
  • Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne
  • Uniwersytet Jagielloński Krakow
  • University of Rennes 1
  • Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
  • Universita degli studi di Trento
  • Aalto University

If you do not yet have a contact at the partner universities, we will of course be happy to help you find a partner.

You will find all information about the call in the following fold-out table. Please send us your project idea for an international teaching cooperation project or a joint course/curriculum within the Una-Europa or EIT university network informally by e-mail to

The deadline for the submission of project ideas is 15 December 2021.

We need the following information (max. 1 A4 page):

  • brief summary of the cooperation project
  • format of the cooperation, e.g. a limited number of joint, online sessions as part of a seminar, online seminar, blended seminar, course/MOOC etc. (see annex)
  • department
  • target group: BA or MA students
  • if already available: Una or EIT partner university and contact person

We look forward to receiving your project ideas.

Your OpenU team

At all partner universities of the Una Europa Alliance, selected projects will be supported from January 2022 onwards.

CeDiS supports your selected cooperation projects by:

  • advising you individually on questions of e-learning didactics and the planning of your digital, international teaching and learning offers
  • providing you with selected workshops from the CeDiS training programme that will support you in the digitalisation and internationalisation of your teaching offer
  • assisting you technically and didactically in the realisation of your digital scenarios and course offerings
  • supporting you in the production of video and audio resources
  • Peer Learning Sessions: regular physical and virtual exchange with European partners
  • giving you the opportunity to present your project at an international conference
  • assisting you in applying for suitable funding from FU schemes
    • Una Europa Starter Funds to initiate contacts for teaching cooperation projects with Una Europa partner universities
    • Erasmus+ funding to initiate contacts with EIT partner universities
    • E-Learning support programme of Freie Universität to support collaborative teaching/learning scenarios (e.g. work contracts)
    • Funding of travel costs for teachers and students in the context of blended mobility formats

OpenU also supports project proposals that are already supported within another funding line or that emerge from other teaching collaborations.

From January 2022, we will support projects that aim for:

  • designing and conducting joint European online and blended teaching and learning formats, e.g. blended seminar, online seminar, etc.,
  • develop digital international course offerings, curricula, or multiple/joint degrees (MOOCs, etc.),
  • develop online collaborations, e.g. digital lab.

The following prerequisites apply to the support of cooperation projects:

  • Your project aims to provide students of Freie Universität Berlin with international experiences through virtual/blended mobility scenarios or teaching-learning scenarios.
  • Your project implies cooperation with at least one teacher or researcher from the Una-Europa University Network or the EIT Innovation Community.
  • Your digital teaching or course is available to students from at least one other partner university from the Una-Europa University Network or the EIT Innovation Community.
  • The teaching formats or E-Learning content to be developed is offered in English.

Deadline and next steps


  •  Launch of 2nd Call for Projects
    • feedback on submitted project proposals
    • if necessary, partner matching within the Una-Europa university network and the EIT Innovation Community


  • Deadline for submission of project proposals


  • Announcement of the final selected projects

from 03/01/2021

  • Joint course/session design with the aim of implementation from April 2022
  • Start of production for course content, MOOCs or curricula/degrees

Information on international teaching-learning scenarios for virtual and blended mobility

Here you can find the annex document "International blended and online learning formats for virtual mobility" for download.

The following questions can serve as inspiration for finding a project idea:

  • Which topics that you research or teach are appropriate for an international format?
  • For which contents and competencies is an international exchange with students from the partner universities particularly suitable?
  • For which contents could international discussions and collaboration produce exciting results? How do other international perspectives contribute to a better understanding of the seminar content?
  • What existing courses, curricula, materials, etc. could you convert into an international format?
  • Are there assignments/projects/questions in your courses that lend themselves to joint processing in the form of learning tandems or group work between the international student groups?


  • virtual mobility, blended mobility, online learning, blended learning, COIL, International, Hochschulkooperation, Lehrkooperation, UNA Europa, OpenU, BLOOM, Erasmus, Erasmus+, MOOC

Consulting & Support

Vom CeDiS Consulting erhalten Sie individuelle Beratung und Unterstützung bei der Konzeption Ihrer digitalen Lehr- und Forschungsvorhaben. 

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